During preparation of each event specialists from many disciplines are involved. In our team there are professionals with experience in organizing national and international conferences with a wide range from 50 to 800 participants, with rich experience in the pharmaceutical industry who are familiar with relevant legislation and know planning mechanisms of marketing activities of pharmaceutical companies.

Thanks to close cooperation with graphical studio, every Congress gains its "own face", and all conference documents are created in a unique visual form.

We cooperate with top companies providing AV technology.


  • Create schedule preparation and implementation of the action
  • Financial services - design and budgeting actions, separate financial center, conclusive final bill action
  • Service for the organizing committee - the organization of meetings, trips abroad
  • Creating and updating websites Congress
  • Custom web application for registration of participants, receiving and managing abstract
  • Administration database of registered participants, information and assistance service for the participants before, during and after the event
  • Registration with the use of barcode
  • Pay by credit card online when you register on-site or via a payment terminal
  • Provision of conference facilities and all related services
  • Reservations adequate accommodation
  • Catering for the entire duration of the event
  • AV equipment, technical facilities and support
  • Title companies offer various forms of their presentation in the congress (workshops, satellite symposia, sponsoring additional programs, etc.)
  • Continuous communication with exhibitors, ensuring their requirements before, during and after the event
  • Promotional events to similar events relevant Czech and foreign professional societies
  • Documenting the event
  • Full service for VIP - transport, accommodation, refreshments, entertainment
  • Airfare, accommodation, transfers for foreign guests
  • Graphic design and printing of conference materials - Proceedings with ISBN, the program, certificates, name tags, the first notification, etc.
  • Creation and printing of posters
  • Social and cultural program for participants, accompanying persons